Learning through stories and puzzles

Illustrated Encyclopedia and Puzzle Games

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Explore Fun Facts, Stories and Puzzles

Quizlie features stories for each of the topics. The content is presented with a voiceover - accessible and suitable for children that still can't read and write.

Spin the Wheel of Fortune

The wheel is split into sections representing challenges - puzzles, memory games, questions. By solving the challenges, you unlock fun facts and educational animated stories.

Fun, engaging and safe content

Quizlie's original content is funny, safe and designed to help with the motivation to learn about new things in a new and engaging way.

A safe place for kids

Quizlie is ethically built and respects privacy

Quizlie is anonymous, does not serve ads or share data. We made it for our own children as well as for yours - to provide an meaningful alternative to children entertainment.

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Made with friends and family

Quizlie couldn't have been made without the help and guidance by family and friends. They've helped making Quizlie into what it is today.


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